vibrational healing soul song music psychically manifested by Becky Waters spiritual life coach
soul songs intuitively created by Becky Waters and your spirit guides

Have You Ever Really Heard the Music of Your Soul?

...The vibration of your own essence
       ...The energy of your own intuitive wisdom
              ...Transcending time and space
                     ...Translated into musical sound

Your Soul’s Music Is Waiting For You!

Everything in the universe vibrates in order to exist, including sound - the vibrational waves that make music. Your Soul’s Music is your consciousness encoded on the sound waves of music. And I can hear it by connecting with your soul psychically. As an intuitive composer and musician for virtually all my life, I have the unique ability to translate your energy into your “soul song”.


...having a tool that acts as a direct link to your soul.
...feeling grounded and centered at a moment’s notice.
...having instant access to your own wisdom, intuition and personal power.
...being able to hear and understand what your Soul is saying to you.
...the power of instant awareness and connection with what matters at your essence through the portal of your soul – your Soul’s Music.

You can have all this and more when Your Energy is translated into music... your own Soul's Music.

“Hearing my Soul’s Music for the first time gave me a sense of coming home…it wasn’t what I expected, and yet, it was exactly right. It felt like a big, gentle hug. Becky is truly gifted in what she does – thank you, Becky, for helping me to hear the music of my soul!”

~ Lynn Scheurell, Creative Catalyst

What is Your Soul Telling You?

Find out with your own personalized Soul Music Reading and your unique Soul Music song - a uniquely personal tool that is an instant portal to Your Soul!

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Sound is one of the most powerful healing modalities on the planet and is known to enhance consciousness through a feeling state – that’s why many people say prayers or sing meditations out loud. The vibration of sound is also used to support manifestation processes – think ‘affirmations’ being spoken verbally. And music has the power to instantly (and simply) transport us back to our favorite time and place in hearing it. Sound can affect and change our experience on a daily, even momentary, basis.

Through deep listening and playing your personal song as I hear it from your spirit, I help you to integrate your conscious mind with your innermost soul. I regard both the process and the product as sacred, orchestrated by the Divine on your behalf. And it is the fulfillment of my soul’s purpose to help you hear your own soul’s song.

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“My soul music makes me feel like I am wrapped in a warm blanket sitting in front of a roaring fire. Anytime I need a break, I turn on my soul music and just drift away to a place where I can re-balance and re-energize myself.”

~ Kathy Atkinson, Creative Life Coaching

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soul music the portal to your essential being

Soul Music:

the portal

to your

essential being

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Becky Waters, intuitive composer and soul musician

Becky Waters
Intuitive Composer
and Soul Musician

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* NEW * 2-pay option
2 payments of $148.50

2-pay option




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